Finest Nylon stockings and suspender belts

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RHT Nylons

There is nothing that reflects more sensuality and eroticism than a woman in original nylon stockings.

What are real nylons and where does this term come from?

Real nylons like those from the 50s – Original production on original flat-bed machines.
As early as the 1950s, nylons, at that time “English Nylon”, were a symbol of sensuality and incomparable eroticism. This decade is simply the centerpiece in the history of nylon stockings. In the postwar period nylons were traded like stocks today and those who could not afford them, painted the obligatory seam with black paint on the back of the leg. We of “Vicky’s Nylons” leave the pen and put you instead finest yarn in the cart.

Real nylons – enchant the legs of a woman with delicate sensuality.

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