Cuban seamed nylon – copper


Seamed Nylon Classic – Cuban Heel Fully Fashioned nylons

Fabulous legs with Vicky’s Classic Nylons

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Seamed Nylon Classic – Cuban Heel Fully Fashioned nylons

Fabulous legs with Vicky’s Classic Nylons

Product Description:

Made in England to the original Vintage 1950s Fully Fashioned Nylons style: Authentic Vintage-Reproduction 1950’s Fully Fashioned nylons.

Our ‘Classic Fully Fashioned Seamed Stockings have all the genuine features of a 1950’s ultra-sheer Fully Fashion Stocking which are manufactured with 15 denier nylon.  The sewn back seam, keyhole at the top of the stocking welt, as well as a fully knit heel and toe are typical features of the original Fully Fashioned Stocking of the 1950s.

100% Nylon. Cuban Heel

Our Fully-Fashioned or „Classic“ Nylons are manufactured with the finest yarn, to the very highest standards using traditional methods and machinery.   These are not a replication of the nylons of the 1950’s – these are the real thing – produced on one of the few original Reading knitting machines still in operation in the world today, lovingly restored and maintained to produce the perfect nylons! These machines produce a maximum of 15 pairs per hour!   Each nylon is checked and scrutinised during the manufacturing process five times. We expect you to be delighted with the finished product.

Stepping back in time, the nostalgic charm of this era, Vicky’s Nylons ‘Classic’ nylon complete with key hole and seam create the perfect look.  No trace of lycra to spoil the effect!

These nylons are knitted flat, with the actual seam stitching the nylon together to form the leg.  They are then completed by steaming them into shape to provide a perfect fit.

This process is what makes our vintage nylons unique.

Product Details:

100% Nylon, 15 Denier

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