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Tout sur les bas

Les bas nylon ont 80 ans


La production commerciale d’un vêtement qui a changé le monde de la mode à jamais a débuté il y a 80 ans.

verzaubern die Beine einer Frau - Nylonstrümpfe

There is nothing that reflects more sensuality and eroticism like a woman in real incomparable nylon stockings.

What are real nylons and where does this term come from?

Aprilscherz: Nylon-Marker

Our fully fashioned or “classic” nylons are made with the finest yarn of the highest standard using traditional methods.

But now for the basic question:
If there are real nylons, there are also “fake” nylons?

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Produktion von Vicky´s Nylons in England

There are a myriad of nylons available on the market, making it hard for the consumer to distinguish which are really good and which are not. However, the deciding factor in good nylons is not just the material, but above all the manufacturing process and the quality of the yarn.

Different styles of fully-fashioned nylons

There are four different types of reinforcements for the heel of a stocking; They serve to avoid running stitches and to make the eye happy. In principle, there are several styles of heels in the market. They are all based on a small triangular reinforcement that protrudes slightly above the back of the ankle.

Anatomy of the nylons

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