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Nylon stockings turn 75 years old

An item of clothing which changed the fashion world forever, started commercial production 75 years ago.

DuPont’s nylon stockings, made from the new “miracle” fibre, were in huge demand when they went on sale in the US the following year.

Developed by Dr Wallace Carothers and his team, the stockings were durable, cheap to buy and looked sheer compared to their silk counterparts.

The start of a whole new industry – thank heavens for Dr. Carothers and his team ;-))) Stockings, also knows as nylons have changed the way me look at women over the past decades – The original seamed stocking, or fully-fashioned were knit on flat bed machines, developed by a German immegrant engineer in the USA last century – it is amazing that there are only two or three of these machines still producing fully-fashioned nylons globally today.

There is nothing that reflects more sensuality and eroticism like a woman in real incomparable nylon stockings.

What are real nylons and where does this term come from?

Our fully fashioned or “classic” nylons are made with the finest yarn of the highest standard using traditional methods.

But now for the basic question:
If there are real nylons, there are also “fake” nylons?

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There are a myriad of nylons available on the market, making it hard for the consumer to distinguish which are really good and which are not. However, the deciding factor in good nylons is not just the material, but above all the manufacturing process and the quality of the yarn.

Different styles of fully-fashioned nylons

There are four different types of reinforcements for the heel of a stocking; They serve to avoid running stitches and to make the eye happy. In principle, there are several styles of heels in the market. They are all based on a small triangular reinforcement that protrudes slightly above the back of the ankle.

Anatomy of the nylons

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