Elaine Edwards

Elaine Edwards becomes part of the Vicky’s Nylons family!

In April 2020, we received the licenses of designer lingerie from Elaine Edwards. We worked with Elaine’s Edwards for a long time, but it soon became apparent that Elaine wanted to hang up her suspender belts and enjoy retirement.
Based in Germany, it was impossible for us to return to the UK to run the business in 2020. Unfortunately, the inevitable happened: Brexit and Covid dealt a death blow to our desire to maintain the range.

Today we produce the same fantastic style that Elaine developed within the EU. We are thrilled to announce that the entire Elaine Edwards range of lingerie will soon be available at Vicky’s Nylons!

Straps English Rose rose, Ellaine Edwards

These suspender belts set accents

A suspender belt category femme fatale – super sexy made of the finest satin fabric. In burlesque style, these suspender belts also convince with romantic playful details, such as the small bows on the suspenders. The suspender belt is hemmed by lace.

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