100% Nylon – seamless, sheer English – colour black


Vicky’s Nylons RHT – 100% nylon – black

classic english ‘RHT’

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Vicky’s Nylons RHT – 100% nylon – black

classic english ‘RHT’

Product Details:

Fabulous legs with Vicky’s Classic Nylons! Vicky´s Nylons  offer transparency and lightness for heavenly legs.

Available in our highlight colors: Fuchsia, Koralle, Electric Blue and the classic colors: Black, White und Chocolate

RHT is an original style of nylon which was around in the 1950’s. This style of nylon was introduced to reduce the likelyhood of a run (otherwise known as a ‘ladder’) in the nylon. With the introduction of a reinforced heel and toe – the RHT was borne! The RHT is produced on the orignal round-knitting machines of the 1950s. The RHT rapidly became a very popular alternative to the more expensive Fully Fashioned Nylon. The classic RHT nylon was a favoured style from the 1950s. These RHT are 100% Nylon and are manufactured on the original 1950s machines which were rescued and lovingly restored. 100% non-strech – exactly like they were over 60 year ago! Pure Nostalgia!We will ship worldwide.

Product Information:

Farbe/Colour: black

Material: 100% Nylon

Denier: 15

Hand wash

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