Black Foot – Full Contrast Nahtnylons – bronze


Black Foot Nylon – Bronze with Black

Black-Foot Bronze with Black, a truly elegant combination.

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Black on Bronze – an elegant combination making an exciting seamed stocking with a Point Heel Made in England on original 1950s Reading Machines, True Nostalgia, Passion Pure! Vicky’s Nylons: Fully Fashioned „Classic“ Black-Foot Nylons. These are not a replication of the nylons of the 1950s – these are the real thing – produced on one of the few original Reading knitting machines left in the world today. Vicky’s Nylons: Fully Fashioned „Classic“ Black-Foot Nylons. Black Foot has a black seam that stretches from the Cuban Heel up to the Welt. The bronze legs are in full contrast with the black seam, point heel, and welt with Key-hole.

These nylons are knitted flat, with the actual seam stitching the nylon together to form the leg. They are then completed by steaming them into shape to provide a perfect fit. With a Suspender Belt from Vicky’s Nylons, your stockings will be held perfectly on your legs!

Our Fully-Fashioned “Full Contrast” Nylons ae made from the finest quality yarn on original machines from the 1950s. These are not a replica but the are the true 50er-Jahre-Look of „Vintage Nylons“. Take yourself back to the nostalgic charm of the period of utter femininity and beauty. Each „Vintage Nylon“ are checked for quality at every step of the process to get the finest grade nylons available today.

Vicky´s “Full Contrast” Nylons are made from one piece of yarn knitted on original Reading Machines. The process is exactly the same as back in the 1950s. The process to manufacture 15 Pairs of Nylons on the original machines takes at least 1 and a half hours. Before packing, the final process, to provide the fully-fashioned shape is for each stocking to be steamed on original Hellot Steam Machines, also original from 1950s.

100% nylon
15 denier
Hand washing is recommended
This nylon requires a suspender belt / garter belt

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